Our Instagram Photo Booth is part Instagram print station, part social media kiosk, & part Instagram flip books software. It allows users to take photos with their smart phones, tag them on Instagram or Twitter, have them displayed on a slideshow and take home prints (Amazingly cool if you ask us) *NEW* Now you can create flip books from Instagram Videos. Flip books will be printed on4″x6″ paper. We cut and bind them to finish the flip book. YES! this means that your instagram videos will ALSO be displayed on your custom Instagram Photo Booth slide show!  Great addition for businesses and private events alike in addition to the Social Media Photo Booth

InstaPrinter! You pick a hashtag for your event (or we create one). Our kiosk monitors Instagram for photos matching that hashtag and automatically prints and adds them to the slideshow.

Monitor Twitter for the same hashtag and add those photos as well. Use Instagram, Twitter, or Both! Also add text Tweets for Twitter Walls.

No more waiting in line. Anyone with a smartphone can upload photos to Instagram Photo Booth. Instantly print them with custom templates and display them as a slideshow on your monitor.

Our Instagram Photo Booth can also automatically upload photos to a Facebook page, giving you another way to collect all of the photos from your event and gain more “Likes” at the same time.

There’s lots of ways to share photos, and that’s the problem. At the end of your event, our Instagram Photo Booth will give you a centralized collection of everyone’s photos.

Add interstitial ads to your slideshows. Our Instagram Photo Booth allows you to add videos and images for commercial advertising at your event or location.
Not only for businesses, but great for a wedding photo booth! Actually, great for any event. Insert custom videos or pictures for your guests to view during the event

Instant gratification. Print Instagram & Twitter photos right at the event.

Nicole Foos - August 16, 2013 - 3:25 pm

Hi – are you available for a bar mitzvah 1/25/14? How much? Thanks!

claudia - September 4, 2013 - 1:18 pm

Also , I emailed previously-wanted to mention that we are stationed in LA!

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